Is Opt In Accelerator a Scam?

If you’ve been reading around places on the net, you may come across a lot of people saying that they’ve been victims of an opt in accelerator scam. I’m one of them. Unfortunately it may not be the same scam that you’re thinking of. Basically, this opt in accelerator scam promises to give you the same kind of referral and marketing success as most of the world’s largest social networking sites, particularly Myspace, Multiply and Facebook.

I though it was a scam because I didn’t believe that it could deliver on its promise. But I was proven wrong. It really does deliver on its promise, since the system is not complicated enough and is just a matter of automating certain things – like letting your members input their username and password to invite ALL of their friends, instead of manually inputting every single data on their own.

The thing that I am worried about is that they may be violating certain Terms of Service contracts. Most email providers forbid members to share their login information with any third party entity, and the so-called “Opt In Accelerator scam” does just that. Fortunately, very few email providers actually enforce their TOS to that point, in fact, have you seen Multiply or Facebook get into trouble with a major email service provider? Additionally, Opt In has an 8-week money back guarantee, so you can refund your money if a service shuts your site down. Add the price rebate they are offering and you’ll have yourself one heck of a good deal.

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